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Security Paks International, LLC designs and manufactures plastic pallet-containers for the security printing industry. We focus on providing secured, economical, and ergonomical containers and material handling platforms for work-in-process and return-loop shipping of currency, coins and other valued documents. Security Paks International strives to meet our customers needs with innovative material handling platforms always keeping in sight the inherent security concerns of our customers. Our products have a life expectancy of 10+ years, with a typical payback of 18 months.

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NEWLY Designed Clear Pak

Clear Pak
The Clear Pak adds increased security inspection with its clear sidewalls!
Processing Pallet ensures a perfectly smooth and centered delivery process on KBA-NotaSys
high security presses. Immediate benefits will accrue to your operation including reduced sheet damage, cleaner operation, improved employee satisfaction due to superior ergonomic design and increased return on investment with the pallet’s life expectancy of 10+ years. The pallet also acts as the base unit for the Security Processing Pak
Processing Pak provides a lockable, fork-liftable and collapsible container for work-in-process handling of banknotes and security documents. The pak acts as a completely secure mini vault and can be stacked 2-high to cut by 50% floor pace requirements. Optional perforated sidewalls for increase airflow in drying applications are available. The base unit is the Security Processing Pallet which is designed to ensure a perfectly smooth and centered delivery on KBA-NotaSys high security presses.
Distribution Pak provides a secured container for shipping banknotes and secured documents. Can be used as a secured container for shipping security papers from the paper mill to customers, or for shipping finished product to distribution centers. Coin Pak provides a secured container for shipping and storage of coins. Paks can be stacked two (2) high. With specially steel reinforced sidewalls Security Coin Paks can hold 2.5 metric tons. Coin Pak can be used as a secured container for shipping between minting operations and local reserves.