Security Processing Pak

Security Processing Pak provides a lockable, fork-liftable and collapsible container for work-in-process handling of banknotes and security documents. The pak acts as a completely secure mini vault, and can be stacked two (2) high to cut floor space requirements by 50%. Perforated sidewalls allow for increased airflow in drying applications. The base unit is the Security Processing Pallet which is designed to ensure a perfectly smooth and centered delivery on KBA-NotaSys high security presses.

Security Processing Pak
After sheets are delivered onto the pallet the sidewalls are secured around the sheets

Stacked 2 high to reduce floor space requirements

2 Sizes Available

Security Processing Pak- Standard
Part# SPK8999-G Length Width Height
External Dimensions 93.7cm 78.5cm 99.2cm
Internal (Useable) Dimensions 84cm 71.2cm 75cm


Security Processing Pak- Tall
Part# SPK89125-G Length Width Height
External Dimensions 93.7cm 78.5cm 124.9cm
Internal (Useable) Dimensions 84cm 71.2cm 100cm

Or have SPI design a secure container customized to meet your needs!


Printed Sheets in Pak Processing Pak Stacked 2 High

Printable Line Drawings:

Security Processing Pak- Standard

Security Processing Pak- Tall

Security Processing Pallet